Dynamic Website Development

Bush Media is a diversified IT/Media company providing Software application for various businesses, Website Development, Search engine optimization (SEO) and Integrated Advertising. We’re experienced in Programming & Designing simple and complex websites and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. Our expertise is in providing high quality designs in very short amount of time. The end results are user-friendly designs so your clients are not distracted from your overall objectives. Our customer support is also unmatched and provides quality rich services beyond the sale.


Having a website is the first step, next you need to reach potential clients or market the site for its intended purpose. There are several strategies which can accomplish this task. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this is the process of making your site search engine friendly and easy to find. PPC (Pay Per socialClick) With our unique TargetTraffic Pay-Per-Click solution we can help you get more traffic to your site via paid search campaigns. We help you choose appropriate geographies, select key words or phrases used by your buyers, and then we build ads and links that get seen and clicked by buyers wanting your services immediately. The beauty of TargetTraffic and paid search is that results can be immediate. Set up a campaign turn it on and you can see traffic and business right away.

Social Media Management

Social marketing is not just social anymore; it can be considered a mandatory part of any marketing strategy combined with traditional radio TV or print media for maximum exposure. Facebook has more than one billion users which is approximately 16% of the world population. Having the right ad displayed to the right client is essential when considering this type of marketing and we have the strategy needed to deliver.

Video Production

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well imagine what a video can do for your business. Let us create that special short video to display your videographyservices, products or events to the world. Meticulously and detailed oriented, our videos speak for themselves and are exhilarating. Check out our samples and contact us for a free quote.

Audio Commercial

Purchasing radio ad spots are expensive and should be well worth the expense. This is why we have multiple voice over personalities too professionally and on budget, produce your audio commercial to meet or exceed the quality and standards available today. Let us astound you, and your potential clients with studio quality commercials at affordable prices.

Flyers / Brochures

We produce eye catching flyers for your events at a reasonable cost and even help you to promote your events or products locally or internationally. Coming soon, you can create/design your very own flyers, business cards etc.

Aerial Video and Imagery

See differently understand more by uterlizing our aerial video and imagery service.Arial imagery and videography

We specializes in affordable low altitude, high resolution aerial video and photography for various applications, including real estate virtual tours, weddings, parties, insurance claims, construction progress etc. We use state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems with integrated GPS auto-pilot technology, high performance cameras and advanced datalink technology for high definition video and photographs. Let us show your story from a higher level.